Our Story


A slip of the mind. Then shock. Disbelief. Uncontrollable tears of remorse. The anguish of moms and dads - good parents, not neglectful ones.  Studies show this nightmare can happen to anyone. The ForgetMeNot system is a solution that can save lives and ease parents’ anxiety.

The ForgetMeNot story began as an effort to find a GOOD solution.

Just the thought of losing a child in any way is unthinkable, but the ongoing stories of accidental child deaths in hot cars is a crisis. Preventing these devastating deaths is our passion as we create ForgetMeNot - a child safety system to help prevent children from being unintentionally left in vehicles that can quickly become deadly.

Uncompromising Standards and Creating Something Better

ForgetMeNot must NOT:

  • ForgetMeNot must not interfere with the proper functioning of the car seat.
  • ForgetMeNot must not inadverently create any unintended new dangers in case of an accident.
  • ForgetMeNot must not rely on having a charged, connected smartphone.
  • ForgetMeNot must not have an alert that becomes background noise in a world of distracting alerts.

ForgetMeNot MUST:

  • ForgetMeNot must work for infant carriers and for stationary toddler seats.
  • ForgetMeNot must work seamlessly in busy lives where multiple caregivers may be transporting a child.
  • ForgetMeNot must be easy and intuitive to use, and using it correctly must be the EASIEST, FASTEST thing for busy, tired parents to do.

The ForgetMeNot System

ForgetMeNot is an alert system with deliberate, specialized cues so children are never unintentionally left in a car.  These cues are only activated if a child is being strapped into, taken out of, or left in a car seat.

The ForgetMeNot system is both elegant and deceptively simple. A system that addresses the short-comings of other products on the market. An answer that is just better.


 Please donate now to help make children safer and to prevent tragic deaths that devestate entire families.