Laurie Petty
Laurie Petty, Founder: Laurie is a PhD candidate in sociology, but has put that temporarily on hold to focus on ForgetMeNot. She has professional experience in project and product management for SaaS web application development. Perhaps most importantly, she is a mother of four children and is passionate about this product. After hearing about a local child who died after being unintentionally left in a car, Laurie began developing a system to help prevent these tragedies. Laurie has the distinction of being the record holder for distance travelled to participate in the NSF I-Corps program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She and her family live in the Kansas City, Missouri area.
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Angie Belz
Angie Belz: Angie holds a Ph.D. in Leadership, and is an Assistant Professor of Business, Chair of Qualitative Business Programs and Director of Innovative Education at Concordia University. Her background includes over 20 years of small business management, marketing, and leadership. She teaches the Business Model Canvas, marketing segmentation, customer discovery and management in her classes.
Ron McNaughton
Ron McNaughton: Ron's background is in corporate accounting and financial analysis. He has an MBA and is a certified management accountant. He served as a senior financial analyst for Harley Davidson Motor Company from 2001 to July 2019.


This fall, we had the honor of being selected for the Milwaukee NSF I-Corps business development program. Thanks to this excellent program and their expert advisors, we have greatly accelerated the ForgetMeNot venture. This program also pushed us to refine the ForgetMeNot system in response to discussions with leaders in the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Safety Council.